Sunday, October 11, 2015

Narrative Assignement

Current Title:

Setup: In the Kingdom of Nubiark in Egyptia, follows the life of Yeshistes, secretly the bastard daughter of the King of Nubiark, Hosek, and the daughter of the former chief warrior, Kemla. Upon birth, Yeshistes was trained and pushed by her mother to be a greater warrior than her mother ever was, before her mutilation, and to win the King's approval of their family as his own. Her half-brother, Boveka, tell's her the truth about her father and mother's past,  which leads her to avenging her mother by severing the Hosek's right leg. Yeshistes is imprisoned and awaits her judgement with honor. However she meets a mysterious man who gives her the chance to escape, which she initially declines. Then, they give her news that her and her mother will both be publicly executed the next day. And with such news she goes to the mysterious man for help, who the transforms in a humanoid golden ea and with ease he breaks them free and flies them off to safety.

Call to Adventure: Upon being freed from the prison, she is given the choice by the mysterious man-bird, Yohan, to either escape to a far-away land or bring warning of judgement to save the kingdoms of Egyptia.

Refusal to Call: She refuses the offer, being filled with fear and hopeless about the whole situation and walks off into the wild.

Accepting the Call: After being nearly killed by a jaguar and slaying it, she is reminded of her who she has to protect and returns to Yohan to accept this call. She is then gifted with the Wings of Yohan to guide and strengthen her on her journey.

Entering the Unknown: After getting lost in the Desert of Nilias, she stumbles upon a caravan and is captured by a slave master going to the Kingdom of Nilias to be sold.

Allies/Helper: She is bought by a teenaged nobleman, Hojitma, who uses her as his personal assistant. He brings out the nurturing side of Yeshistes and teaches her a thing or two about hedonism and living as a Nilian.

Test: Her identity as a Nubiark warrior is revealed by Hojitma's cousin, Capridus, and she is sent to the Scarlet Sands (or Colloseum) to fight till death against multiple foes. Due to her inability to be killed, she becomes very popular around Egyptia and Nilias and is deemed a goddess by the people.

Climax: Nubiark attacks Nilia upon hearing Yeshistes' status in Egyptia and overpowers them. Before Boveka could kill the pharoah, Yeshistes intercedes, warning them of the judgement that would fall upon the land if Egyptia doesn't change it's pollutant ways of bloodshed and greed. Boveka calls it a bluff, and smites the pharoah. He orders his men to kill all the noble men of Nillias, while he deals with Yeshistes. Hojitma tries to save Yeshistes by shooting arrows at Boveka, but is shot by Kemla, Yeshi's mother. In disbelief and horror, Yeshi uses the Wings of Yohan to fly to safety.